//REO Speedwagon – Keep on Rollin’ Live

REO Speedwagon – Keep on Rollin’ Live

REO Speedwagon: The Birth of 80s Hair Rock?

REO Speedwagon Album CoverBack in the day; REO Speedwagon was not “highly regarded” by fans or music critics as an influential “rock group” … yet … samples of their catalogue were sure to be found on many mixed tapes across North America including the song Keep on Rollin’.

REO Speedwagon performed this version of Keep on Rollin’ live on the 1978 television program “Midnight Special“.

Props to the dude schmearing on the B3. I’d rather have lobsters on my piano than crabs on my organ.

Yes, you may consider me a tad anachronistic … but the musicianship and groove still rocks almost 40 years later when I published this on 16 April 2015.

As an aside, note how the crowd is too scared to move.