//Frasier: A Valentine for Niles (1999)

Frasier: A Valentine for Niles (1999)


Frasier LogoI was chatting with a buddy of mine the other day, and for some reason we bounded down the rabbit hole of the comedic, perceived value of certain television sitcoms.

We discussed M*A*S*H, Seinfeld, Desi and Lucy, All In The Family, Bizarre (featuring John Byner), The Three Stooges, SNL, WKRP in Cincinnati (remember those free frozen turkeys hurled from the helicopter?), SCTV, pies in the face etal.

Although being a self-professed Seinfeld aficionado, my buddy mentioned that he absolutely loathed the Frasier television series for a number of reasons — most predominantly being that Kelsey Grammar [as Frasier] portrayed a perfectly pedantic arsehole.

I was stunned. Not because the character of Frasier was not a pedantic arsehole, but that the shows’ comedic genius was not universally accepted.

So, I promised buddy that I would share a favourite scene of mine reminiscent of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin … a 6 minute vignette entitled “A Valentine for Niles” such that it could be enjoyed by all doubters and prove that my comedic barometer is the benchmark of all barometers. SMH [sarcasm meant here].

Three Valentines

Below is the cold open of the episode “Three Valentines” (1999) featuring Frasier’s brother, Niles Crane [David Hyde Pierce] preparing for an evening visit from a damsel. Let the hilarity ensue …

after all … it’s really about the doors.