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why a website?

The drudgery of trying to update my status information across Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest and a slew of other social sites I don’t use finally got to me. The new car smell was gone. Repeating the same information across multiple platforms just doesn’t cut it anymore. So, here we are.

Hello World

Having always subscribed to the mentality of: “don’t publish anything to the internet that you wouldn’t want to appear on the front page of your local newspaper” … I’ve decided to experiment with centralizing my thoughts and photos to one location from which I could then share to any channel.

But the main reason I’m trialing this method now is that I am starting to suck at remembering things and find myself replicating shit I’ve done before. This website should counter that, providing a repository of material supporting the chronicle of my slow and inevitable decline into mental decrepitude ;-)

Until then, party on Wayne!

ghetto spats

When you run around so much that you wear the rubber off your sneakers leaving nothing but canvas “spats” for shoes.