//Clyde the Baby Bird

Clyde the Baby Bird

Survival of the Fittest

is the rule of the jungle. It took me a couple of years to document this story as the ending is sad.

Darwinian explanations aside, I found myself in the unique position of finding a baby bird deposited by its mother on the driveway. Poor little dude was already a hurtin’ unit.

Clyde the Baby Bird on the driveway

Seeing as vehicles needed to be moved, it was decided that Clyde would be moved closer to the grass which would also get him out of the sun… and not squished by rolling steel.

Clyde the Baby Bird tucked into grass

I was really starting to feel bad for this little dude. I asked the Google what you do with “young birds”. Don’t ask me what kind of results I got back. I did find out the difference between hatchlings and fledglings though. Look it up yourself.

Anywho, back to Clyde… he made it through the night and I was feeling pretty good about helping the little dude out.

Clyde the Baby Bird Cold in the Rain

I have to add here that I did not touch Clyde (the Baby Bird), using cardboard to gently lift Clyde so as not to cause his mother to abandon him. Then, the rain started rolling in… think Garth Brooks and The Thunder Rolls. Clyde was not having a good day of it.

How to Protect a Bird From the Rain

so it’s Sunday morning and the little dude is barely hanging in there. I didn’t want to touch him and leave my scent or anything like that on him, so I had to get creative. What could I do to try and keep the rain off Clyde? For some reason that I surely cannot remember at this time; I had some drinkie-poo umbrellas in the house.

Clyde the Baby Bird Umbrella

and “Viola!!” I suddenly had a solution… or at the very least I had a story I could tell my friends and berate myself on what a cruel bastard I am. Happily, my friends laugh along with me… not so much for Clyde though.

Anyways… Clyde was on his last legs and still being sensitive on trying not to befowl (get it… “beFOWL”) poor little Clyde, I decided that covering him with an umbrella might deter his mother (cold bitch that she was) from flying in to save Clyde the Baby Bird.

So, I had some fun with Photoshop.

Clyde the Baby Bird protected from the rain

I’m sure there is a special place in hell for me, but there’s a couple of chairs in proximity for the friends that laughed along with me.

Goodbye Clyde… you were a good little baby bird.