//Mackerel Fishing in October: Bedford Basin

Mackerel Fishing in October: Bedford Basin

Would you really eat that?

Is what I asked the old codger casting his lure with 6 hooks out into the basin, dude could get some distance on that cast I tell ya. He’d been there since 9:30 am (3.5 hours ago) and had about 40 mackerels in his bucket to show for his efforts. “Slow runnin’ today,” is what he said… “when they’re jumpin’ I can fill my bucket up in 2 hours or so.

On the old Bucket to Mackerel Conversion Scale (BMCS) he figured this would be about 120 mackerels. Still, I was wondering if he’d eat ’em… yanno, out of the harbour? It wasn’t so long ago that you couldn’t see the bottom of the Bedford Basin, even in 2 foot water.

The old codgers’ story is that he takes the mackerel home and freezes it so he can feed the feral cats around his home when they need some sustenance in hard times. Cats… they’ll eat anything.

Holy Mackerel