//Bayers Lake Canada Goose

Bayers Lake Canada Goose

This Canada goose was eyeing me up

as I was returning from some errands and had stopped to sit by Bayers Lake up in the park (BLP). I don’t know what’s wrong with these geese, but they always seem to be itching for a fight. Get anywhere near ’em and you best be ready to dash and duck the demon goose.

As I was taking pictures, this goose kept nonchalantly swimming towards me… probably thinking that if he moved slowly enough I wouldn’t see him. The goose paused to dive in to the lake grass for a bite to eat and then proceeded to fly from the shore up to the walking path. At this point I’m thinking more about backing up and getting outta Denver than taking any more photos. I stashed my camera and hopped on my bike

and the goose let me escape unscathed

and I lived to ride another day. Of course, it’s thirsty work evading the scorn of a Canada goose… please click the images to open a larger window.

These people were not so lucky