//Swap out Revolights Rims with Medium Duty Rims

Swap out Revolights Rims with Medium Duty Rims

Summer bicycle riding has arrived

Now that daylight hours have extended into the evening, it was time to remove my winter rims and tires and replace with medium duty kick ass rims and bigger rubbers. I should be happier about it, but this means that my bike now does not have the rim lighting system by Revolights used on my winter rims.

If you haven’t seen their product, here’s a one minute video showing them in action.

I absolutely love the Revolights on my bike. I have never felt so confident riding in dark, rain, snow and/or foggy conditions on back roads and major thoroughfares … vehicles are able to see me from a great distance. I believe that the displayed light patterns while the bicycle is underway telegraphs to other drivers that this is a bicycle on the road that you are approaching from behind (red) or the front (white).

Side visibility is outstanding.

Revolights: One size does not fit all

But you can make ’em fit.

My bike is a 2010 Muirwoods 29er and Revolights provides one size called Revolights Skyline 26″ that fits most 700C, 27″ and 26″ road and commuter systems. Long story short, I bought the Revolights which are usable but the lights themselves do not extend all the way to the rims. They look a bit like wheelchair rims.

Tech note: I purchased my Revolights early in 2014. I sent the rims to Revolights who custom installed the system. For further information about fitting your rims with Revolights, please visit their fit chart.

29" Winter Rims with RevolightsOne negative to using the Revolights on my 29ers is that I am unable to use a U-Lock around the rims without pinching the Revolights.

Despite these “shortcomings”, I will mount them again next winter as daylight riding becomes shorter and I have to commute more in the dark.

I’ve been bugging the boys at Revolights to make a 29er version, and hopefully one day they will. I’ll be their first customer and mount them on my summer rims.

Maintenance Notes

Gallery below is really for my benefit as a reference when I put the Revolights back on. Magnet position on the front and rear forks is critical to achieve a steady light pattern.

Revolights on Marin 29er

Here’s a video showing the Revolights on my Marin 29er.