//Rocky Mountain Drive

Rocky Mountain Drive

Next phase of the trip was to drive from Vancouver to Calgary with an overnight stop in Revelstoke. I have done the Trans Canada Highway through the Rockies numerous times and I am always stunned at the beauty.

First Leg Vancouver to Revelstoke

Boss… The Train!

Being a passenger allowed me to keep my window down (chilly at times in April) and shoot the scenery as we were driving by. Sadly, my watch cap was blown off my head capturing this train approaching… note that we turned around so fast to pick up the cap that the train was still going by :–)

Lake Louise and a Gondola Ride

“Here Sheepy, Sheepy, Sheepy!!!!” << insert kiss noises here >>

Rule #1 when driving through the Rockies… don’t stop in the middle of the Trans Canada Highway to try and pet the Big Horn Sheep. Ever.

The Sulphur Mountain gondola ride was spectacular.