//Victoria Day Long Weekend 2016: Part Troika (Brier Island Lobster)

Victoria Day Long Weekend 2016: Part Troika (Brier Island Lobster)

Did You Know Your Lobsters Have Been Woken From A Very Deep Sleep?

Chances are, you’ve consumed lobster that was seduced into an induced coma, folded neatly into suspended animation “cocoons”, and… then gently woken to begin its journey to your dinner plate.

This takes “sleepin’ wid da fishes” to a whole new level.

Relax, I am told there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation to all this.

Having served my formative years in the prairies, my exposure to fresh seafood — let alone lobster — was minimal to say the least. Since moving to the east coast many years ago, I’ve strived to achieve a nexus of lobster consumption nirvana.

I got good at eating lobster but had zero clue of what actually went into the trapping, transportation, processing, distribution, harvesting and myriad other bio-management requirements to sustain a lobster fishery. While visiting Brier Island, I had the excellent good luck of meeting the owner of a local lobster processing facility who walked me through his impressive operation.

Lobster Processing Facility Tour

Photos are captioned as to what phase of the lobster processing life-cycle is captured.

Next stop, have a lobster boil at Flour Cove!