//Victoria Day Long Weekend 2016: Part One

Victoria Day Long Weekend 2016: Part One

Why is it always hotter in the valley?

Finally the May 24 long weekend has arrived to offer respite from the dreary post-Easter blahs. Canada participates in the Victoria Day long weekend (as far as I can tell) so that we may collectively be a part of the empire/commonwealth and celebrate a long dead Queen. Long live the Queen!

I do prefer Bohemian Rhapsody for the record.

A couple of hours after departing Halifax, the opportunity came to stretch the legs out in Cambridge. The bees were crazy big and doing bee things. Next stop would be to catch the ferry to Long Island (Nova Scotia).

Now that we’ve journeyed to Long Island, don’t miss the exciting continuation of this crazy tale of 2 kids on the western shore of Nova Scotia in Part Deux of this travelogue to Brier Island. Please ignore the sarcasm; I mean well.