//Victoria Day Long Weekend 2016: Part Deux (Brier Island)

Victoria Day Long Weekend 2016: Part Deux (Brier Island)

Brier Island Driving Tour: Don’t Blink

For those of you playing along at home, this gallery is a continuation of the brief stopover in Cambridge. After traveling through Digby and taking the Tiverton ferry to Long Island — the next stop was to catch the Brier Island ferry

And Don’t Forget To Pack A Lunch

It doesn’t take long to drive around Brier Island, but there are some very scenic spots to enjoy and explore. I was fascinated by the low tides in the Bay of Fundy and to learn how the fishermen solved the problem of beached boats… use a kickstand to prop the boat against the wharf. Brilliant.

Of course, grabbing a few cold ones from the local purveyor of fine spirits — and submarine torpedo sandwiches — discretely tucked away in nondescript, brown paper bag travelers which made the drive ever so much more amusing. The driver of course in no part condoned, nor partook of the [allegedly] noxious substances. Then.

Brier Island Photos

Rugged Coastline of Brier Island

Wanna get your crimson crustacean groove on? Don’t miss part troika where we unravel the nefarious mystery of lobster sleep pods on Brier Island.