//Lake Balaton: Drive and Day 1

Lake Balaton: Drive and Day 1

Road Trip to Balaton!

We set out for Balaton in the morning with no plan other than to get some food, wine and go for a soak in the lake. All this and more was accomplished. On the drive there we stopped for a lunch of paprikas csirke (I just can’t get enough of this dish) and then set off again to discover the wineries. Balaton is a rising star in the wine world offering some excellent choices for the discerning palate… or so I am told!

Evidently, it is a good idea to reserve accommodations before arriving… but after driving around the back roads of Balaton we discovered an available bed & breakfast near the one of the bigger towns on the lake. Once we settled in and refreshed, it was now time for dinner and to experience some of the local night life.