//Lake Balaton: Day 1 Evening

Lake Balaton: Day 1 Evening

All My Wine Is Gone

After getting our luggage and accommodations sorted before dinner, we discovered a beautiful terrace bar called FrissTerasz and enjoyed an excellent Hungarian rosé wine by Skizo and then set off to eat dinner at a highly recommended outdoor restaurant.

We walked the dimly lit backstreets and arrived at the restaurant placing our orders enjoying the atmosphere and aromas. Then the power went out. Then the power came back on. Then the power went out. Seeing as our drinks (let alone our food) had not arrived we decided to saunter down to the big market on the shores of Balaton to see what we could dine on there. We enjoyed beef Marhapörkölt with nokedli, cucumber salad and a stuffed spicy paprika all outdoors amid the bustling market.

Back to the Bed & Breakfast for a glass of wine and to plan for our next day with a visit to The Castle of Szigliget.