//Winter Clean-up: Release The BBQ

Winter Clean-up: Release The BBQ

I Miss Grilled Meat

Halifax had a bad winter. From February into March of 2015, we have collectively suffered at least 5 significant snowfalls and 3 flash freezes immediately followed by heavy rain saturating deep snow and ice … all while enjoying the balmy temperatures of sub -10 degrees Celsius. At the end of the day (or deep freeze), everything was entombed within a glacier.

If you didn’t seize the opportunity to dig out (or expose kryptonite to the crystal palace) before the next snow/thaw/rain/freeze cycle; you risked the inevitable outcome of being stranded up the proverbial creek without a paddle and being placed in cryogenic stasis until they really need you for a red shirt expedition.

I’ve already bitched about excessive snow a couple of weeks ago.

The weather started to warm up around April 8 leaning towards an extended period of sun, wind, fog and rain with median temperatures expected to stay above freezing for the next 7 days or so. Fun fact: fog melts ice fastest.

I was excited.

Anywho, it was now time to free my BBQ from the glacial pack that had blocked the back balcony. I hadn’t stepped out since February 21 when this photo was taken; just plain nasty. Unfortunately, we got hit with a flash freeze and were unable to clear the deck from that point on.

New Satellite Maps Show Polar Ice Caps Melting

After shoveling most of the snow from the top of the ice pack, I calved the sheet into more manageable pieces. Impromptu curling ensued.

What is Glacial Calving?

Once the main sheet of ice was broken up, the chunks were curled to the crowsnest in preparation for a precipitous drop to the garden at a 9.8 m/sec2 rate of acceleration.

I was surprised at the mass of each block.


Had a bit of fun grunting the chunks over the edge of the crowsnest, but I did get some good air on a couple of tosses.

Unbeknownst to me, I was being eyed suspiciously by my boss as there was some “concern” I was damaging the garden with my blatant disregard for the safety of begonias. Flowers are cheery.

As can be clearly seen, there was plenty of cushion to protect said garden from any and all impacts from glacial projectiles. Sadly, I am now subject to a 6 month probationary period to ensure that said “cheery flowers” have not been abused.

Finally, the back deck is clear and access to the BBQ has been achieved. Grilled meat is soon to be back on the menu.

I am excited.

Better Times

Just for reference, here’s a pic taken of the backyard in October 2014.

Field of Turds

It was fun to see that the neighbour has been releasing his hound to decorate their back lawn; good ole country living in the ‘burbs. #disgusting

Click images if you want to have a peek at the larger resolution version. Note to self: Don’t mix portrait and landscape photos together in the future, layout just sucks.