//Camera Repaired and New Lens

Camera Repaired and New Lens

Still cheaper than buying a new camera

I don’t know when it first started happening, but I noticed sometime early January 2016 that I could only take 2 to 3 photos with my Canon EOS when it just seemed to power off for no apparent reason. I thought the battery was getting “old” even though the unit was less than 1.5 years old (and conveniently out of warranty). I kept charging the battery and wiggling it around in the BATT compartment for a couple of weeks but all to no avail.

Eventually I came to the realization that there may be something wrong with the camera. Went to my local camera retailer and asked if they could test my battery for me in another camera. Worked great. Tried another battery in my camera… no joy.

Off to the Camera Repair Centre who then shipped it off to Canon for further investigation. Canon replaced the main circuit board and I was charged just south of $250. “Still cheaper than buying a new camera” has been my mantra for the past 3 months.

To ease the sting, buy a new lens!

I’d been contemplating purchasing a telephoto lens as I was still rocking out the factory 18-55mm lens and getting “ok” results. Feeling a bit salty on shelling out for the repair, I pulled the trigger on a Canon EF 70-300mm F4-5.6 telephoto lens with image stabilization. I’ve included a couple of examples from my shoot today.

Parking Lot Trash

Bedford Basin