Camera Repaired and New Lens

Still cheaper than buying a new camera I don't know when it first started happening, but I noticed sometime early January 2016 that I could only take 2 to 3 photos with my Canon EOS…

Daily Bike: Waterfall to a Piano

Fairview Royale Field Just another day when I had no agenda and no where to go, so I cycled "round about". City crews have been busy tearing up a green space off Dunbrack to make…

Early May Bike and Halifax Photos

Halifax Downtown and Waterfront Photos I took these photos as I cycled around Halifax and trolling down the Halifax boardwalk on the same day I shot Halterm. Read More

The Willows Have Gone Mad

Willows enjoying a spring growth spurt The Plant Manager has been practicing her botanical necromancy skills in reviving her garden this spring. The willows have certainly kicked it into high gear. Read More

Halifax Waterfront Spring 2015 – Halterm

Cycling on Marginal Road Photos taken May 3, 2015 from Halifax waterfront on Marginal Road at Halterm. If you're interested, check out these other photos from Spring Garden Road and the waterfront. [Modula id='33']

Halifax Town Clock Spring 2015

I've been taking photographs of the ole town clock from various angles since my arrival in Halifax in 1989 on both film and digital mediums. This is the first time I've been able to shoot…

Honeydew List: Release The BBQ

I Miss Grilled Meat Halifax had a bad winter. From February into March of 2015, we have collectively suffered at least 5 significant snowfalls and 3 flash freezes immediately followed by heavy rain saturating deep…

Meteor over Halifax March 24, 2015

Video from Nova Scotia Webcams Meteor falling over Halifax at approximately 9:20pm 24 March 2015. Captured by Nova Scotia Webcams on the Westin Nova Scotian Hotel in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

First Cycle of 2015 to Bayers Lake

Cycle Through the Snow It's been a long winter. Halifax has been locked in a deep freeze with heavy snow since the beginning of January ... and to add insult to injury ... we've enjoyed…