//Honeydew List: Front 40 Spring Cleaning 2015

Honeydew List: Front 40 Spring Cleaning 2015

Spring Cleaning

Spring 2015 Spring Cleaning Front Yard and MiniIt was pointed out to me yesterday that the front yard required spring cleaning and some general squaring off. The frontal glacier has been melted away by a good week of above zero temperatures. Today I got at it with the back 40 still inaccessible. Front “yard” is a bit of a misnomer for the patch of grass and 2 small gardens that can be squeezed in on the lot; but it’s the front 40 I get to poke around on. Spring 2015 Front YardI have no say whatsoever over the flowers (or anything for that matter) and do my best not to go near them at my extreme peril, but I am privileged to provide heavy lifting when required. I have heard that flowers are cheery … at least they are when grown in. Grass adjacent to the sidewalk was first swept free of gravel with a shop broom then raked out.

I could see tiny shoots of green fighting and poking there way through to the light. I only use a weed whacker to trim the grass and need to do a better job raking up the clippings this year. Spring 2015 Front Yard at NightThere are 5 solar powered garden lights. As they are 2+ years old, I changed out the el cheapo ones provided and replaced with Duracel’s during spring cleaning. They all seem to be pumping out consistent luminance after starting with a full charge from a wall outlet. Washing M’s Mini and getting my taxes done was an added bonus. Let’s see how the grass comes up this year.

note: I’ll be taking more photos over the next few months and publish for reference only.